Friday, 27 January 2017

Tournament Prep: I feel like I'm forgetting something...

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Welcome back, today we're talking about how my tournament prep is going for the upcoming Birthday Bash 2.0 event at the end of February. Things should really be starting to be pick up for myself at the moment, particularly in getting my army ready, unfortunately new shinies always seem to get in the way of actual progress...

So what's been happening? Well first off, I have only managed to rebase paint the carapace on my Necron Doom Scythe. I really should at least get the edge highlighting done soon,  but I've been distracted by both the Mistweaver Saih, and Canoness Veridyan (this all stemmed from my recent article on Female models in wargames... It happens sometimes).

Progress by baby steps

First up we have the Mistweaver Saih,  and I've been watching some YouTube videos on how to improve my painting. Unfortunately I feel that I have spent an inordinate amount of time on her skirt, but damn I think it looks fine!

As you can see I have started to work a bit on the staff,  but the next major point to work on is reapplying Abaddon Black to the legs, and start adding Celestra Grey to the smoke she is held aloft on.

Next up, is my version of Canoness Veridyan. A beautiful sculpt, but one I felt would have benefited more from being in plastic. I had some issues with getting her glued together (Yes I did wash the model first), and may have caused some major rage on my part. The only other major issue is the wiring attached to the skull on her power armour,  power plant.  This is a ridiculously small component,  which unfortunately did not survive the model getting accidentally knocked off my work station by the mother in law (and back to the gluing we went...), which resulted in the part going missing. For now I'm happy to just not look for it and get the model done.

Painting wise,  I have gone for a slightly different tone with the Canoness. Similar to the colour scheme of the Order of the Argent Shroud, I have started with a base of Celestra Grey, wash with Coelia Greenshade,  then progressive light dry brushing of Celestra again before a glaze of Ceramite White. There is some more glazing to do, so I haven't decided whether extreme highlighting will be required or not. I am very pleased with how her face came out it's just a shame I can't get a decent photo! Still a lot of work to do but I'm very happy with it so far.

Post the slightly failed, attempted trip to Warhammer World, myself and Ian from over at will be heading up to Element Games to get a test game in with each of our forces for the Birthday Bash, all being well I can try and get some sort of battle report from this up and we can see how the Maynarkh Dynasty fares against the Space Wolves! Pray to the Omnissiah that overzealous tech priests don't delete the "scrap code" from my equipment again hahaha!

How is your hobbying progressing? Have you a deadline that you are looking likely to miss,  have you got a plan? Let us know in the comments.

Until next time


  1. I like the sister. Been wondering what she would look like if I painted her to match my sisters of the sacred rose

    1. Cheers, I think she will look great once it's finished, and I'm really considering doing celestine in the same style, I bet the model would also look really good in the Sacred rose style too, if you get it painted up I'm sure we'd all love to see it 👍

  2. I'm deep in Birthday Bash prep mode too. Thinking of changing up my list, so trying to get a bunch more stuff painted up for it.

    1. Just been up in element games playing against Ian from, against his wolves, was a close game was will try and get a bat rep up soon, bit crazy we tried blood bowl and they couldn't find any of the 14 they apparently had in stocks anywhere lol

  3. Hey, found out about your site from Better Know a Blogger. Added you to my links section. Looking forward to more Sisters updates.

  4. Hi Turkadactyl, great to meet you! Thanks for the add 👍
    Currently working on Celestine, Geminae (all three with rose gold armour), and Canoness Veridyan. Hopefully won't be too long to I get them turned around, latest will be first week of March (I have a week off work last week of Feb, so should be done then 👍)