Wednesday 28 December 2016

Inquisitorial Mandate: Information on the Heretic known as Jonathan

Citizen! You have been identified as a person of interest in relation to the Heretic known as Jonathan!

This Heretic was identified upon entry to an EE (Empyric Elite) communications outlet on Glorious Terra! carrying 'fake' pict feeds from the world of Yrlan's Rest, in relation to a Heretic Insurgency. We of His Holy Ordos have removed said images, under the guise of routine maintenance, lest your soul be corrupted by such lies, and capturing the heretic in the process!

You may put your mind at rest knowing that no battle took place.  The world is not in danger. We are here to protect you.

Please report to the nearest Arbites precinct to await Inquisitorial commendation at resisting the presence of such a heretic in our midst. Any further information you may give will help root out further ner'do wells. There will be munitorum approved cake.

The Emperor Protects

Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor
Luther D'Angelus