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Flash back - First foray into blogging

Good Evening Everyone,
In a little bit of self agrandisement,  I present to you my first proper blog article (not counting my introduction article) which did not even feature here on Dragons Eye! This post originally appeared on the, run by one of my best friends and gaming buddies,  I sincerely hope you pop over there and give it a look.  This is what started it all off for me,  and having jumped from barely having any page views in the first few months here on Dragons Eye up to a whopping 6269 page views just last month (not sure if I should trust bloggers counting,  but I'm still amazingly proud)! I hope you all enjoy,  and I promise to keep trying to bring you all new and exciting articles as often as I can!

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Azrael,  He doesn't deserve Eternal Warrior

Hello again, thy gorgeous unclean masses! Put away your flaming brands, and pitchforks as I regale you with my words of wisdom.

I once more stand (sit... I'm sitting...) before this pulpit of communication known as the interwebz, to tell you that the mighty Azrael, Supreme Grand Daddy of the First Legion Astartes... (Ahem... Emperor preserve me I've got a cough)... the First Chapter of Dark Angels!, does not deserve the Eternal Warrior Special Rule!

Now, before the weeping and gnashing of fanboy teeth try to oust me from my lofty perch, I entreat thee to have patience, and listen intently.

Many a Dark Angels' player has lamented the lack of Eternal Warrior in Azraels' unit profile; and having put this down to "apparent" GW ineptitude.  However I feel this not to be the case. I see the reasons deep in the churling maelstrom of that vast bloated behemoth that is, the 40k universe (...hides third eye).

Those brooding visages of manliness that are the Dark Angels, hiding under their bathrobes (I'm wearing mine too right now it's a lovely mauve col...) are but a facet of a theological idea perpetrated by the imperium - read: GW.  This is an idea that harkens to that deep seeded need of the masses to be saved; be it man, god, or angels falling from heaven upon roaring pillars of flames!

The Dark Angels shun all spurious honours, not the fancy baubles and trinkets of other chapters for them! Honour and respect are fought for! They are earned upon the altar of adversity and sacrifice! And it is this which we must focus on.

Azrael is a Hero. No doubt.  For the masses to fully appreciate the sacrifices made for them, grand heroes must make that ultimate sacrifice and die, for otherwise there is no danger, no fear of what may happen.  There must be a cost. Azrael is that example, a sacrifice waiting to happen in the face of adversity; to put his life on the line to save the day! Chapter Masters come and go... But Azrael stands as a testament to an idea that not all men are created equal, some are more important in one moment, a moment that can change the course of many.

I put it to you that Azrael does not deserve the Eternal Warrior Special Rule, he deserves much much more...

ps.I'm an actual Dark Angels player myself, and in all honesty, I think I wouldn't change Azrael for the world. He's a dude. End of.

pps. Coming soon to a blog article near you soon!

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Until next time, Keep those Braziers Burning!


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