Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Birthday Bash 2.0, After Event Thoughts - The Armies

In the words of Alexander the Meerkat...


Following on from yesterday's entry we're having a short one today to have look at some of the armies from the Birthday Bash Tournament.

Everyone put in a lot of effort getting their armies ready for the event, which really helps to bring it up to an enviable standard. See if you can guess the winning entry in the comments below, now let's get to all the juicy photos!!! (Anyone who's army I missed drop me a message and I'll add it to the article 👍).

I think everyone should be amazingly proud of what they brought.  Well done chaps and chapettes! 👍

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Monday, 27 February 2017

Birthday Bash 2.0 After Event Thoughts - Wargames, Southport UK

Hello Ladies and Gents!

Whether it be morning, evening, other time of the day for you, lets have a wee chin wag on my thoughts about the Birthday Bash event run by Dave Weston, and kindly held by Wargames in Southport, UK.  Also we'll have a few thoughts on how I performed (or didn't...) at the event, in another upcoming post.

So kicking things off to start, lets talk about Wargames!  To start, I was highly impressed with the store the moment I first saw it. Having travelled from Liverpool up to Southport on the train, it was a pleasant surprise to find that the store could be found right in the middle of town, being a paltry 5 minute walk on foot from the local train station.  This here was not an independent games store relegated to the musty dark corners, be it of town or city, that I am more used to.  Right in the centre of town and easy to find was a great start to the day.

The store was immaculate.  It was well presented, and the staff were kind, helpful, and really sold this as a new venue for me to travel to play 40k and Age of Sigmar, and all being well Ian will be happy to start going here too.  The store had given the majority of its footplan to areas to game in, with well presented shelves displaying a whole gamut of wargaming awesomeness, not just Games Workshop or other wargames including warmachine, or bolt action for a few.  Many board games were also present, and in a quieter moment, i would love to peruse all they have to offer. Other small but important aspects included, appropriate heating, which was comfortable, but not oppressive (especially when so many people congregate in a small space for an extended period of time).  In fact I wouldn't be surprised if there was air-con present, as the gaming areas did not (and I mean this in a non-mean way), have the aroma of many people stuck in a small space.  Another important aspect, was excellent lighting throughout the store, not too bright or too dim, which is important as this can exacerbate headaches for many people including myself.

There was also a second floor above!!! 

Moving on to the gaming area, a lot of effort has been put into ensuring that each board is unique and game friendly. Each board also used a game map, which for long game sessions is always appreciated.  Fighting to place a model on a moulded gaming board has driven me mad more than once...  From a cursory glance these all appeared to be either Fat Mats or Games Workshops own gaming maps.  I may have missed other variants, but lets just focus on the bonus of having a reasonable floor for your models to clamber over for mini-glory!

On the food front, a buffet was laid out for all the attendees, and arrived in what I felt was a good time (well a good time for me..., my first game had just ended), i can't pass judgment for other attendees where their games went longer.  Though at the end tbere was still food left over, and I was tempted to go clear the rest of it away before my second game (I was hungry... I resisted... But I was hungry...).  Drinks wise, there was plenty of tea and coffee on tap, and for the adults amongst you, a reasonable selection of beer, and I also believe spirits, but i didnt ask for any of these (and also the excellent staff could bring them directly to during the game, so no need to rush off to wet your whistle, as you shout your throat dry and you command you forces to victory!).

You can definitely tell that Wargames was a labour of love, and, I must say I wish it was here in Liverpool so it was even closer (yes I am that lazy that a 40min train ride is something I'd love to avoid). I probably should have taken a bit more time to get more images from around the store,  and speak more to the owner (I forgot your name...  Sorry!!!), I definitely will next time. It was a great choice to hold the event, and I really look forward to my next visit.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Pre-Tournament Update (The final last gasp)

Good Morning Ladies and Gents,

Apologies for the delay in getting something up but as always the joy of personal life impacts, such as work, and health have impacted myself in writing for the past 2 weeks. But we shan't dwell on such matters, let's get down to the nitty-gritty of why we are here - to see the shoddy state that is my army for the Birthday bash tournament!!!

This will be a short post as I'm pretty bushed even without painting a whole new army for the event (like some people Ian...), but see! I have actually been busy...

Night time painting without appropriate lighting... Excellent... 

There was a few painting aspects of my Necron models such as the carapaces that I wasn't very happy with, so in desperate mad dash, I've recoloured all of them in Caliban Green (this not a nice paint to work with,  it has a tendency to streak badly even after watering down). Not having as much time as I would like, I would edge highlight all of these areas for the event, but alas I had a lot of basing to complete as well.

I feel that the force looks much better than it was,  however the warriors definitely need stripping or replacing as they have been over painted several times in the last 8 years.

Right now I just have some minor repairs to do on the Canoptek Tomb Stalker as I managed to knock an arm off (would just happen wouldn't it...).

Otherwise have a wee look at the Force I'm taking to the Birthday Bash Tournament! Next time hopefully I'll have something up that is more up to my current standard of painting, and as always apologies for the shoddy camera work!

The event is this Saturday,  and I'll get as many photos of the armies attending and how I faired in the event (for good or for ill!). If you want to follow the post event run down from Dave Weston,  pop over to 40kaddict.uk
Also I have been working on St Celestine and the Geminae Superia, and I'll hopefully have these completed soon! 

Until next time, 

Monday, 6 February 2017

Battle Report: Clash at the NWGC (Dragons Eye Vs. Krakaddict)

Good Evening Ladies and Gents,

Today we are going to have another stab at actually completing a battle report (fingers crossed this all goes well), this is a 1500pt battle between myself running the Maynarkh Dynasty, and Ian from krakaddict.blogspot.co.uk, running his new Space Wolves list. As you are aware,  we are both heading to the Birthday Bash, so getting some test games in is essential for Ian (as it is a completely new army for him), and for me to try out the changes to Imperial Armour 12.

The Armies

Necron Maynarkh Dynasty 
1500pts CAD, No Allies, No Lords of War. Total Army Cost:1500pts

Kutlakh the World Killer

X1 Canoptek Tomb Stalker
X5 Charnal Lychguard with flensing scarabs

X5 Maynarkh Immortals with flensing scarabs
X10 Maynarkh Warriors
X10 Maynarkh Warriors

Fast Attack
X2 Heavy Destroyers

Heavy Support
X1 Doom Scythe
X1 Doomsday Ark

Space Wolves 
Combined Arms Detachment Space Wolves: Codex (1500pts)

Iron Priest, Helfrost pistol, Tempest Hammer

Iron Priest, Helfrost pistol, Tempest Hammer

Dreadnought, Blizzard Shield, Fenrisian Great Axe, Smoke Launchers, Venerable Dreadnought

Wolf Guard Terminators
4x Wolf Guard Terminator, Assault Cannon, Chainfist, 3x Power Fist, 3x Storm Bolter
Wolf Guard Terminator Leader, Frost Sword, Storm Bolter

Blood Claws
15x Blood Claw, 15x Bolt Pistol, 15x Chainswords
Stormwolf, 2x Twin-linked Multi-Meltas

Grey Hunters
4x Grey Hunter, 4x Bolt Pistol, 4x Boltgun
Razorback, Twin-linked Heavy Bolter
Wolf Guard Pack Leader, Chainsword, Storm Bolter

Grey Hunters
5x Grey Hunter, 5x Bolt Pistol, 4x Boltgun, Meltagun
Razorback, Twin-linked Heavy Bolter

Fast Attack
Thunderwolf Cavalry
Thunderwolf Cavalry, Frost Axe, Storm Shield
Thunderwolf Cavalry, Frost Axe, Storm Shield
Thunderwolf Cavalry Pack Leader, Frost Axe, Storm Shield

Maelstrom Mission:
The mission was Cleanse and Control (rolling for deployment type).

Dawn of War, No Night Fighting in effect. Space Wolves to deploy first,  and take first turn. Necrons failed to size the initiative.

Turn 1 Space Wolves
Objectives: Secure objective 1, hunt for glory and secure objective 4

Having placed each of his rhinos at each of the space wolves board sides, the wolves looked ready to claim objective 1 with the first of his razorbacks, and to tie up objective 6 to start the game off. The Necrons had set up in a standard wall format against the wolves using the scenery to limit the firing arcs from the space wolves. The wolves turn ended with a smattering of heavy bolter shots from the razorback by objective one forcing a failed reanimation check on the Maynarkh Warriors by Kutlakh and his retinue, with one of the undead killing machines being sent back to the stasis crypts.

Ian Finished the Turn claiming secure objective 1.

Maynarkh Dynasty Turn 1

Objectives: Secure objective 1 secure objective 6, Scour the Skies

Having weathered the opening salvo from the space wolves, the Necron advance began. The Maynarkh Warriors began to stomp after the Thunderwolf Cavalry that were bearing down on them at speed, as Kutlakh and his Charnal Lychguard cohort swept round to follow the warriors.

The Immortals preceded to March off towards objective 4 held by one of the Razorback, whilst the second Maynarkh warrior squad held objective 6 in the bottom corner digging in.

The Necron shooting phase was much more devastating for the Space Wolves compared to their first turn. The Doomsday Ark drew a bead on the razorback by objective 1 and with a lucky scatter, scored hits on the razorback, and the Thunderwolf Cavalry, as the heavy destroyers poured sick green gauss fire into the razorback.

The conflagration vaporised 1 of the Thunderwolves, and the Iron Priest and his unit bailed out of the smoking wreckage of the razorback. With no units in range to charge the Necron first turn ended. Scour the Skies was discarded at this stage.

Turn 1 Result: Space Wolves 1/Necrons 1

Turn 2 Space Wolves

Objectives: Hungry for Glory,  Secure objective 4, The Heroes of Fenris

Having felt the initial wrath of the Doomsday Ark, the Space Wolves made strategic moves to start hugging the terrain. Unfortunately for Ian the Stormwolf had decided it wasn't ready to come on the field yet also.

The remaining razorback backed up whilst the Terminators proceeded to lope towards the immortals. The Thunderwolves now proceeded to get into charge range of the warriors beside them also. From behind the ruins where objective 1 hid, came the might of the Venerable Dreadnought, smashing through the wall. Clearly it wanted to get in on the bloody action as well.

Pot shots from the Thunderwolves,  the Iron priest and his unit, causing no wounds as the Necrons broken bodies wove back together. On the other side of the field, the rampant howls of the Terminators echoed across the battlefield as they poured shots of autocannon fire and stormbolter shots into the Immortals, their bolts backed up by the fire from the razorback, felling all but 2.

Finally the Space Wolves were now in range to assault the Warriors,  only for the unit to fail their charge, with the resulting overwatch taking down another of the Thunderwolves. Ian forgot that the Thunderwolves had the fleet special rule, which would have meant the unit getting into combat this turn.

More luckily for the Space Wolves,  the Venerable Dreadnought smashed into the Necron Destroyers wiping them out.

Maynarkh Dynasty Turn 2

Still having to secure objective 1 and 6, the Necrons pulled Big Game Hunter from the deck.

Unluckily for the Space Wolves, Necron reserves showed no hesitation in coming onto the board, with the Doom scythe coming on from the Necron board edge and the Tomb Stalker outflanking to objective 4 where the second razorback had remained under unmolested.

The Necron warriors proceeded to March towards the now fleeing (Ian disagreed that this was a tactical decision) Thunderwolf,  as Kutlakh and his retinue moved up ready to turn the Venerable Dreadnought into tiny pieces. Having forgotten about the Necron immortals,  they remained in position. Still holding down the objective in the back field the second unit of warriors continued to sit quietly.  The Tomb Stalker moved six inches to get close enough for rapid fire range with its gauss flayers.

The shooting phase began with the Doom Scythe deciding that the Terminator squad now had to go, firing its death Ray and twin linked destructors, felling all but one of the soon to be rampaging wolves. The Doomsday Ark fired once more only for the shot to scatter just out of range of Kutlakh and his unit (danger close indeed!). Further shots from the Necron warriors pattered off the Venerable Dreadnought,  it's frost shield turning away all of the incoming fire. The Tomb Stalker rapid fired into the back of the razorback glancing all but one Hull point off the vehicle ready to assault next turn.

Having only Kutlakh's unit in charge range they shambles forward ready strike at the Ancient war machine... This did not go well... Feeling confident going into the assault,  with a possible 20 warscythe attacks from the Charnal Lychguard,  they were promptly knocked down to only 2, with every swing of the deadly scythes and kutlakhs blade being turned aside by the frost shield,  this was going to be a make or break fight to take down the dreadnought!

Turn 2: Space Wolves 1/Necrons 1

Space Wolves Turn 3
Objectives: Secure Objective 4, Hungry for Glory, The Heroes of Fenris

The Space Wolves were now ready to start striking back at the Necrons in force, yet the stormwolf carrying the 15 blood claws was still nowhere to be seen.

The Iron priest and his unit currently hiding in the now badly damaged razorback hopped out ready to start firing on the mechanical monstrosity that was about to start tearing up their transport.  The remaining Terminator his pack now devastated,  began the March to sweep down the last of the immortals, whilst the last Thunderwolf moved to join the fight against Kutlakh.

Starting off the phase the now Lone wolf Terminator shot at the immortals,  leaving only one left to be assaulted.  The Iron Priest,  and his squad of Grey Hunters, fired non stop into the Tomb Stalker but only managed to take off a wound.

As the assault phase opened, the lone wolf charged with all the ferocity that he could muster,  only for the flickering fire of the immortals gauss blaster to kill him in overwatch, the Necron was soon to move on impassively at the passing of another hero of fenris.

In the prime ticket fight of the battle, Kutlakh and his unit were once again badly mauled as the Dreadnought swung his mighty frost axe, pushed around amusingly like a rag Doll,  the Lychguard placed themselves in front of the deadliest hits falling for their Overlord.  Incensed by this the Overlord retaliated, somewhat impotently as he only removed a single Hull point. It looked like the Overlord soon would fall to the fallen Space Wolf hero.

Maynarkh Dynasty Turn 3

Objectives: Big Game Hunter, Secure Objective 1, Secure Objective 6

Turn 3 for the Necrons was going to be make or break now with the death of the Lychguard, something had to turn quickly for the Necrons. The warriors began to move up to support their embattled Overlord,  whilst the remaining Immortal continued to shambles towards Objective 4.

In the shooting phase everything changed, with a bead on the Iron Priest and his unit the Doomsday Ark fired a blinding shot of light,  which promptly scattered over Kutlakh,  the venerable Dreadnought, and some of the Iron Priests unit. The Space marines with the Iron Priest were promptly vapourised, and the Dreadnought took a devastating hit,  unable to turn the shot away the Ancient was left standing immobilised, his servo motors damaged by burning green fire... Kutlakh seeing the advantage, ducked in behind the dreadnought in the assault phase stabbing the warrior to death,  finally retreating from the burning wreckage towards the warriors. Unscathed, his metal body black charred in several places, he had survived by the (not so much) skin of his teeth!

The Doom scythe preceded, to fly over head banking towards the second razorback.
The warriors fired again once more at the Thunderwolf, finally felling rider and mount.

The Tomb Stalker clicked its mandibles in anticipation, but something held it back (rolled snake eyes to charge the razorback and forgot the rerolling for fleet!) so the razorback would survive this turn. One IWND roll and the Tomb Stalker and it was back to full health.

Turn 3 Space Wolves 1/Necrons 2

Space Wolves Turn 4

Objectives: Secure Objective 4, The Heroes of Fenris, Hungry for Glory

To the sounds of whooping and the dolorous tunes of Ride of the Valkyries,  the Storm wolf with the Blood claws finally arrived on the field! Flying across the board to disgorge the yapping Blood Claws in the Necron back field within striking distance of Objective 4.

Having seen the beating that the dastardly Necron Overlord had taken, the Iron Priest made ready to assault him before he could join his warrior unit,  Helfrost pistol and bolt pistols failing to hit there mark, or failing to fell the xenos, the Iron Priest assaulted, declaring a challenge to the affront to the blessed machine that was the Necron.

The Stormwolf began its fusillade by crippling the Doomsday Ark, and removing 3 Hull points, and firing the twin linked frost cannon at the Necron Warriors, which also the blood Claws began firing into with bolt pistols, only by going to ground did the Maynarkh Warriors only manage to lose 4 of their number.

In the assault phase the Iron Priest challenged Kutlakh to an epic duel, in which kutlakh failed to reduce any if the iron priests attacks. However kutlakh promptly dispatched the Iron Priest over killing into the rest of the unit (however Ian had just scored 2 victory points for that challenge to take the lead!). Kutlakh consolidated towards objective 1 and would be there next turn.

Maynarkh Dynasty Turn 4

Objectives: Big Game Hunter, Secure Objective 1, Secure Objective 6

The Maynarkh Dynasty turn began with Kutlakh sweeping forwards to take Objective 1, with the Warrior squad beginning to sweep around towards the blood class assailing the second warrior squad. The singular immortal moved closer to objective 6 but stayed just out of range for the moment,  while the Tomb Stalker moved into range of the remaining razorback.

In the shooting phase the crippled Doomsday Ark fired a broadside at the Stormwolf but failed to hit with any shots. The warriors about to be attacked by the blood claws only could stand up for now.

The Tomb Stalker having failed to charge last turn rushed the razorback (I remembered fleet this time but didn't need it), and wrecked the vehicle. The Tomb Stalker would have to kill the Long fangs next turn to claim objective 6.

Turn 4: Space Wolves 3/Necrons 3

Space Wolves Turn 5

The Space Wolves were now slightly on the ropes but had a chance to claim objective 4 and position for line breaker.

The blood claws moved to charge range needing 7 to get into combat with the depleted Maynarkh Warriors,  while the Stormwolf entered hover mode and positioned to ensure line breaker if the game ended.

The Stormwolf blasted Las and Helfrost shots at both the Doomsday Ark finally destroyed the xenos construct, and the Warriors,  who cowardly went to ground once more to stay alive. The long fangs shot pummelling fire into the Tomb Stalker,  but only managed to cause a wound on the mechanical beast.

The blood claws moment to shine came and assault was called... But they rolled a failed charge and didn't move. The turn ending at this point.

Maynarkh Dynasty Turn 5

Objectives: Big Game Hunter, Secure Objective 1, Secure Objective 6

The Lone immortal began the Necron turn by sidling up closer to the long fangs whilst kutlakh made for the Space Wolves board edge in the movement phase, with the shooting phase being particularly non existent or useless (the Maynarkh warriors approaching the blood claws failed to hit in rapid fire range... Idiots...).

Assault was going to be key, with the Tomb Stalker crashing into the Long Fangs,  it's mandibles and claws ripping the space wolves to shreds, claiming objective 6 finally.

And with that the turn and the game ended!

Final Result: Space Wolves 4 / Necrons 5

Post Game Thoughts:

Wow! That game was great! Ian played the space wolves amazingly for his first time with the army, and I will admit I was lucky taking down the Venerable Dreadnought,  I honestly thought it would never die and kill my whole army!

The addition of the frost shield and all those attacks make space wolf dreads terrifying!
Overall I think both forces were evenly matched and the game could have gone either way.  The Maynarkh Dynasty list also didn't feel particularly over powered and worked well.

Element Games,  where the north west gaming centre is held looked amazing since its refurbishment (forgot to get a decent picture... Sorry!) it had great atmosphere, scenery and a very helpful tavern wench who supplied beer right to the table! Good times. Of everything at element I only had two minor gripes,  one was that the board we played on didn't have an available mat,  so the MDF board top did take a bit away from the game,  and that the store managed to lose 14 copies of Blood bowl which myself and Ian were going to pick up after having a game,  though I'm sure our wallets (and wives) were happy at this outcome.  Overall I had a great day,  and as always had a great game with Ian who is a pleasure to play against!

Pop by the Krakaddict.blogspot.co.uk to catch up on Ian's thoughts from the game, I'm sure he'll have something together soon!

So I hope you enjoyed my first battle report, I definitely have a new appreciation for other bloggers and Games workshop for putting their own together,  as this was a bit of a slog,  but well worth it! I doubt I will be getting battle reports done for the Birthday Bash event but I'll definitely get lots of photos!

Until next time