Thursday, 5 January 2017

40k: Tournament Prep, Dave Westons Birthday Bash 40k Tournament

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well now New Year is well and truly behind us now. And with the Holiday Season behind us it's time to get back cracking and get some prep done for the coming year.

In February,  I will be attending Dave Westons Birthday Bash 40k Tournament (link), it's 1500pts, CAD only,  no formations and limited Lords of War. So basically I have to decide what I will be taking to this event so that I am ready to get any necessary painting and or repairs done before the big day.

The Options
Khorne Daemonkin
A fun army to play,  I normally go a bit mental and run across the board like a lunatic to get to grips with my opponent (mission objectives be damned),  I'm sure you'll all agree this is the right way to play KDK. Currently I don't have enough any of the Bloodthirster variants,  but there is every possibility this could change...

Dark Angels
Hit hard,  hit fast, bring lots of Dakka, or maybe lots of Terminators (not very efficient but damn they look cool. I also have,  hopefully the opportunity to bring my plasma obliterator ad part of this list (as I feel it just suits the theme of the Dark Angels more than any other army), and it looks gorgeous to boot! More painting and repair work needed here,  and a severe lack of marines and scouts for a CAD only list needs to be rectified.

Probably the strongest of the armies I currently have, but I will have to look outside my preference of the destroyer cult here. I've got more necron warriors than I could possibly need so its a case of theming the army based on other units I have (Possibly a retro wave list of warriors,  or a mecha bug list...). Still a tough nut to crack in any situation (need to check if I can take my Tomb Stalker).

Anyways,  many thoughts and vacillating is required for any person going to an event. I'll be doing some update articles as prep continues towards the big day! I will also try to get as many photos from the event too,  I can't wait 😝!!!

Other Tournament-wise,  I am planning to go to the Double-Trouble 2 Event in June,  hosted by Alex over at,  in Element Games,  gaming hall,  another really interesting event,  and I highly recommend you check it out! Hopefully I can also find a good Age of Sigmar event this year as well as I really want to jump in with two feet on this new and upcoming scene! If you have any suggestions for events in the North West of England,  drop a line in the comments,  I'd love to hear about any events you attend or run!

Until next time,


  1. I'll be attending the Birthday Bash too. Will be interested to see what you bring!

    1. It'll be interesting for me too, I'm vacillating too much over which army to bring currently, and I'm getting wayyy too much stick for it hahaha, BTW I've messaged you in relation to your bloggers series coming up, and will be great to catch up with you on the day!!!