Saturday 25 March 2017

Failed my Pinning and Morale Check... Adeptus Biologis confirms no need for augmetics

Hi Everyone,

Just a short one today, as I am sure you are all well aware there hasn't been much in the way of articles from myself for an extended period of time.

Basically I was involved in a work based accident were I got injured (it could have resulted in me being actually killed so someone was looking out for me that day... Praise the Emprah!) and have been recovering from quite bad Whiplash since. This has made it a real struggle to paint or even read. This has unfortunately meant that all my hobbying has taken a back seat. I would have missed the teaser for Mortarion and the Death Guard but for a close friend. And it has been wierd feeling so disjointed from the hobby and the community.

But I am on the mend, and with some luck hopefully I'll be back to bringing you the same service I have previously given.

For now,  be safe and may the Dice God's roll in your favour!