Friday 26 August 2016

Imperial Knights Renegade: Rote of Damnation - A WIP

Hi Everyone!

Quick one today as I will be getting ready to disappear off on my holidays soon! There will be a bit of a post drought while I'm away but, hopefully I should be able to get some further articles scripted up in my downtime while I'm away.  I definitely want to have a think about all the rumours coming through about Primarchs returning to the 41st Millennium, what might this mean for the setting and what it means from a gaming standpoint.

Anyways, I've had a few hours to crack on with the second Renegade Knight that came with the Imperial Knights Renegade box set and you can see below where I have managed to get to so far.

As I mentioned in the previous Renegade article with Litany of Destruction this is his new buddy Rote of Damnation!  As you can see Rote has been very easily converted to include spikes from his pauldrons.  This was unashamedly stolen from a conversion article online (think it may have been Bolter and Chainsword, but I forget right now).  If you want to try the same just clip some of the minarets off from the sanctum imperialis set and glue to the pauldrons, when I completed this they sat very flush without any extra unnecessary cutting, but just be aware to check before sticking them in place.

I have been trying to keep the use of colours similar to keep them thematically tied, but with a slightly different twist, with Rote being a Renegade Mechanicus Knight.  I'm not too sure yet about the use of orange as an extra spot colour as I have used with Litany, so let me know what you think in the comments.

And finally both Litany of Destruction and Rote of Damnation side by side ready to take the pain to the filthy loyalists! I'll update once they are both finally, finally finished 😝.

Until next time

Thursday 25 August 2016

Tzeentch: Why all the Surfin' Bird?

Good Morning Everyone,

Today we will be looking at the Great Deceiver Himself, Tzeentch.
(Note I do this article of my free will... A finger is not pointed at my head ready to cast Doombolt...)

So to start things off, if you are confused on what Surfin' Bird is please follow the link below... Play it on repeat I bet you'll love it πŸ˜€. (let me know if the link doesn't work...)
But anyways, moving swiftly on...  I find myself sat thinking about Tzeentch and his place within the Chaos Pantheon, and the question of why all the bird motifs when it comes to the imagery of the Greater Daemons and their ilk.

As a species, humanity's second greatest love is our curiosity and our drive to learn more things.  Yet knowledge is a double edge sword... How will you use what you know? Will it detrimentally affect other or aid them? Will what we learn be our downfall.  Our quest for knowledge has done both great and terrible things.

And so we get to the dichotomy that is Tzeentch, the giver of truths and lies, sometimes all in one statement.  For at the end of the day what truly is truth?  For perspective can change many things.  Change is progress, and  progress can be regression all in the same moment depending on the outcome. I think Games Workshop have touched on this briefly but I want to see more of the knowledge as a danger aspect, and less of the scheming. Knowing something shouldn't necessarily be enough to damn you, what you do with the knowledge should.

Tzeentch should be all about the wierd and the wonderful, abstract images and designs, and yet we get, fish, little angry and happy blobs with arms, and all the birds...  Why all the birds?  Shouldnt the greater daemons of Tzeentch be each and every one different in scale, concept and design?

Its easy to see the bird motifs have been inspired by the Egyptians and the depictions of birds of prey and their connotations of knowledge in many cultures, however where is the other animal designs for the greater daemons?  Where's my Hippo or Squirrel Greater Daemons of Tzeentch...  (Hmmm... Maybe that last one is going a wee bit mental...).

Now I'm going to segue a bit here, but I will make sense (hopefully).  If any of you have ever watched Neon Genesis Evangelion, you will be aware of the angels from both the film and television series.  The angels were in the simplest terms during the series, creatures that evolved different forms to attempt to kill humanity.  Each concept was different and unique.

So why can't Tzeentch even just have greater daemons that are uniquely different? Why not a Greater Daemon that's a Giant Prismatic horror, a great juxtaposition to Tzeentchs' Labyrinth? I understand the concept of design cues and formats, but maybe something a little different here and there?

Oh and when the rumoured new Daemon Primarch Magnus, and new Rubricae hit, I so want to be over all of that 😸 (Must impeach the Wife...).

Well anyways I might be talking mental again, but let me know what you think in the comments, what are your ideas on Tzeentchs place and his daemon tralls?

Until next time

The Emperor Smiles Upon Him... Damn...

Hi Everyone, just a quick one this morning,

Just thought I would share some images from one of my oldest friends, who, in my opinion is a Jammy (Insert expletive here)...

An acquaintance of his recently offered to hand off his 40k collection for free! Jealousy is running rampant for me at the moment, and I suspect most of this will be bartered off to friends and eBay...

Look at all the stuff he got below! Sometimes it's just about being in the right place at the right time...

I can't remember how many more images there was, this isn't all of them, I just couldn't bring myself to add anymore haha 😭.  Anyways let us know if the comments if any of you have had the emperor smile upon you with a shower of free hobby goodness.  (If you have I hate you all 😝)

Until next time 

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Age of Sigmar: Evolution of a Setting and the hope of Global Campaigns

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well today? Today we hop into the world of Global Campaigns, and my experiences (or lack thereof) of them.

Games workshop has brought an end to the Age of Sigmar Season of War Campaign.
Games workshop once a long time ago was quite happy to run this format of play,
with a focus on our battles affecting the overall story and setting of the hobby
games that we play.  I remember the feeling of being distraught that the last campaign that was
run for 40k way back in 4th Edition (The Fall of Medusa V), I couldn't take part in.

Now this was less to do with the fact that I hadn't been in the hobby for long enough to
construct a viable army; it was however impacted by the fact of where I used to live...

(Starts to play the Flash back harp tune...)

Now I haven't had a chance to fully script up an about me page yet (this will follow soon for
those that would like to know...), but as a youngling I grew up in Northern Ireland, and without
many friends, access to the internet, or a hobby store; let alone a Games Workshop was nearby.

The only stockist for Games Workshop models was the local department store, and you had to order
items direct from the in store catalogue (who remembers the good ole GW catalogue?).  So as a
young fresh faced tyrant (Chaos all the way ba-bay!!!)  I came across the Fall of Medusa V in
White Dwarf.  It blew my world away...  Here was a chance to have my games truly matter in the
way that they should have in my mind.  No more games where it was just me versus my dad or brother
who begrudgingly helped keep my hobby alive in those dark times.  The thing was...  The closest
place to play in the campaign was in Belfast, which was too far away for me to play.  I had seen
the sweet tasting fruit of true storyline impactful play...  And I couldn’t take part.  Years went
by with hope I scanned the pages of white dwarf waiting for the next global campaign to begin. 
It was too good a thing to repeat I kept telling myself.  But a lie to oneself is still a lie...

Now I remember that with Warhammer Fantasy (I hadn’t started any fantasy armies yet) had the Storm
of Magic campaign, and however not taking part, my hope had been kindled anew.  40k was bound to
get a campaign soon...  And the waiting began anew...  And it didn't happen once more. 

Time past, and my hobby enthusiasm for 40k had dwindled, I needed a new challenge, and so I began
to get a Warhammer Fantasy army (Dark Elves for the win!!!) which was coincidentally chosen by my
now fiancΓ©e.  The End times began and all was good, it wasn’t a global campaign but it was fun.
And with a bang the Fantasy world ended but hope bloomed anew for the fantasy range of models.
Many gnashing of teeth was had over the Age of Sigmar, but as always a lover of the models I was
drawn in.

And finally my faith had paid off!!! Age of Sigmar kicked off the latest Global Campaign and my
Khorne Bloodbound were ready to take the fight to the scions of order, destruction and death!
My tyrannical megalomania would have a global backdrop.  My battles would have a meaning.
And yet,  I was only able to get in one game during the whole campaign.  Illness had decided that
this time I could not represent for my side as much as I could.  All I could do was paint my models
and hope that I could help chaos take at least one of the cities to be claimed.

But I am not delusional,  I think everyone expected Order to carry the day.  Maybe not as much as they
did, but I'm sure everyone expected a big turnout for the Good Guys especially after the last world
was destroyed by Chaos (it was a good day πŸ™Œ ).

And so with barely a foot in the water of Global Campaign play I think to myself, was it all worth it?
Would I take part in another Global Campaign?  The answer is a definite yes!

Not matter how you feel about Games Workshop or the Age of Sigmar, I think we can all agree that
Narrative campaigns that affect our hobby worlds are a good thing.  Having a chance to affect things
can bring real meaning to a hobby, knowing that your battles aren't just random happenings in a vacuum.
I definitely want Games Workshop to continue with the Global Campaigns for Age of Sigmar, and definitely
want them to bring it over to 40k as well.  There is a new found drive on my part to finish more
armies for Age of Sigmar and 40k, hoping for more of this format of play.  I can’t wait to see what the story
implications of the campaign have on the setting, and it will be a massively missed opportunity if it isn’t taken
to its final conclusion.

Let's just hope that the wait isn’t as long as last time.

Let me know in the comments whether you took part in the Season of War, who did you play and why?
What do you think of the results and would you play again, for Age of Sigmar and 40K.

Until next time

Everyman and His Beard: A Return of Monthly White Dwarf

Morning Everyone,

Hope you're all doing well today?
As I am sure you are all aware, the return of Monthly White Dwarf is due to hit the shelves of Games Workshop, or your local tender, be it FLGS, hobby store, or even from the bowels of the interwebz and GWs online webstore.  I think we can all agree that excitement is running high on this one. From the veterans of yonder year who still have shelves bowing under the weight of older editions back in the day, to our new bloods who never had a chance to hold the original beast in their hands.

Yes I picked the sisters for the retro cover... Bring back Sisters of Battle... With new models dammit!!!!

What does it mean for us as hobbyists? Will it even truly change any of our hobby attitudes or habits?  No one can know until we get a few months in our hands and see what the team have for us in store.

Personally, I think it's a good move on Games Workshops part.  The weekly magazine, though not always having amazing content, occasionally, a gem would shine through here and there, but I personally never purchased it religiously. Not like when it was a monthly back in the day.

But will it definitely be the same as it once was?  We all know battle reports are coming back; and not that they were masterful insights into playing, they were definitely a good read.  Especially when we got a bit of narrative to go with the games. For me, I want to see more hobby content, more advice on painting, spotlights on private as well as GW sponsored events, store spotlights on who the regulars are, who they play and what systems would be great, help on building your own personal narratives; and one definite thing... More even page counts for each game.  Not everyone plays 40k and AoS... On that point, more expansions on the new box set games like deathwatch overkill, Imperial Knights Renegade, kill team, and hopefully we won't still be waiting for it too much longer: Blood Bowl!!!! WOOOO!!!! BLOOD BOWL!!!! (I'm not biased really....).

What are you hoping for? Have I missed anything? Are you completely meh about the whole situation, let me know in the comments.

Until next time

Tuesday 23 August 2016

Slaanesh and Cthulhu's new Groove

Hi Gals and Guys,

Today I'm going to talk at all of you in regards to that big ole elephant in the room for games workshop that is Slaanesh; and where the Prince/Princess of Pleasure in my mind should be evolving into.

If you have been in the hobby for any amount of time, you'll be aware that of all the Gods of Chaos, Slaanesh has been, in the eyes of the Internet, the true redheaded step child of the Chaos Pantheon (Yes Tzeentch I see you in the corner ready to throw a doombolt at me, but hold off, we'll get to you in a future post) (Good πŸ‘?) (Ok).

So getting back to the matter in hand, (please no snickering... G'ah Children...) Slaanesh sits in a position that many feel isn't conductive to the relatively "family-friendly" universe of both Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and before it finished Warhammer Fantasy.  This mentality seems to have been cemented in the disappearance of Slaanesh from the Age of Sigmar storyline post the End Times of Warhammer Fantasy.

For those that may or may not be fully aware, Slaanesh is the Dark Prince/Princess of Pleasure.  An Androgynous being obsessed with self gratification in all its forms to the detriment of all.  The easiest of which to create and show when we consider our hobby are the sexual aspects which can be accentuated on our models.  However, why focus on this solely alone? This facet only makes Slaanesh one dimensional, and I feel this wasn't the initial intention of the character.

So bear with me here for a couple of minutes;  Slaanesh is a Dark mirror to all our wants. A twisting of that which could be good, and wholesome, to that which is a dark parody.  But why a dark parody at all?  I'll tell you, it's the fear of not getting what we think we want.  Fear of being alone, fear of feeling nothing but a deep hunger that can never be truly satisfied.  The fear that when we are all alone in the dark, we have nothing to comfort us, and it will drive us mad.  At the end of the day we are all crying children, screaming at an uncaring universe.  Slaanesh is deep down just a scared child, wanting attention so it isn't left alone with the darkness all around it.

Which is where Cthulhu comes in...

If you have ever read anything of HP Lovecrafts novels (and I suggest you do), you enter into a world where everything is twisted, the world and it's horrors don't care about your pitiful existence, and terror follows on from the madness that follows from the darkness and horror of being alone with the things that go bump in the night.  See any similarities? I do...

Would it be so hard to imagine, Slaanesh moving towards a deeper horror trope, over where he/she currently is positioned?  In Age of Sigmar, Slaanesh feel asleep and now has been kidnapped nowhere to be found, the followers searching in vain to awaken their God... Maybe another little nod to the great squid himself? Maybe Games Workshop have had the same idea as me? Maybe I am just going mad myself?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.  If you have any theories I'd love to hear them too.

Until next time

Imperial Knights Renegade: Litany of Destruction

Mornings people of the world!!!

It's been a while since I posted up some of the models I've been working on, so I'll kick it off with a biggie but a goodie.

The Renegade Knight himself, Litany of Destruction!!!

I was lucky enough to get a hold of one of these amazing box sets for my birthday earlier this summer and have been working on getting Litany painted up to not just table ready, but to really put my all into him and make him, one of the best, if not 'the' best model I've ever managed to paint.

How he is looking for me at the minute.

How he looks by Games Workshop...

Obviously I've not quite got to the same level as Games Workshop, the poses is different (if only to fit in frame) and the lighting is a bit dodgy, I feel like he is looking amazing, amd I'm really happy how he is currently looking.

I've some more bits to tidy up and a decal to replace (accidentally rubbed it off after application) and he should be completely done.  Yes you heard that right! A hobbyist saying a model is done! 😝

Now I've not seen many reviews of the actual game that comes with the box set, but I have played and have found it a fun and interesting aside to playing with these models mainstream.  My usual gaming buddy Ian from over at the have given it a whirl and maybe we can look at writing up a bit of a battle report and critique soon. Also I highly suggest popping by the Ian's blog to check out what is going on... Scenery is the name of the game right now! But he also has some very good articles on his tournament lists for Double Trouble run by Alex over at another great guy amd great hobby blog!

I've also built the second knight as another Renegade dubbed Rote of Damnation, I'll post up with his progress as it becomes a bit more respectable.

For now I'll finish with some close up images I've cropped up for you all to see, any C&C's are welcome, just drop it in the comments!

Until next time

Monday 22 August 2016

The Red Laughter; Or how I learned to Love messing with my gaming buddy's brain

Hello again Everyone,

Today I was thinking we should sit down and discuss something a little bit fun, a little bit crazy, and a great psychological poking stick to ram into the ribs your Gaming Buddies.

As we all know from a core perspective, not only table top wargaming, but including; computer games, console games, rpg games, board games (the list goes on and on... and let's not get into all of the real life examples of this concept...) that if you can remove enough dudez you will win by proxy.  A dead obstacles is no obstacle at all.

This mentally has always been around, and to visualise it in the perspective of 40k we cast our minds back to the past and the eponymous Imperial Guard leafblower list. A list purely designed; dependant on personal preference (I remember both infantry and tank varieties of the list) to be durable yet have enough attacks to sweep you're opponent off the board.  Why wait to play a whole game when you can just get it over and done with. This concept has never gone away, and I think never will go away from the hobby.  The power levels of each army change so they become the new hot flavour of the edition to capitalise on this approach.

Now I am not a very competitive player, and I won't tell you how to meta a list to beat these sort of armies (sorry), but what I am going to tell you about is my experiences with the Khorne Daemonkin; The Troll-tastic hunks of beef that will make your opponent think twice when it comes to sweeping you off the board.

As I am sure you are all aware Khorne care'th not from whence the blood flows.  And this is where I have began to start to play this army, from a fluffy mental perspective.  Your Warlord on the board is your avatar; so will you cry as your forces die in droves? Or will you send in the next wave with a gleeful grin upon your face.  Every death, gaining you favour with Khorne, and possibly new minions to fight on your behalf.  And this is where Daemonkin comes into its own.  It is never really a viable option to try to sweep the army, as new units will appear as the blood flows and you gain Khornes' favour.  For your opponent it becomes a game of half measures and risky attacks to avoid killing your units.  And ho' boy he really doesn't want to get stuck in combat, as either he kills you or you kill him.  This is exactly where the Daemonkin want to be.

Khorne Daemonkin is a brilliant fluffy army to play, more so than many other armies in my opinion, everyone can tap into that 80s villain lurking deep inside; a maniacal grin on my face begging my opponent to kill my army.  I've seen my opponents stop in horror, hesitating to drop the final blow, killing Khorne Daemonkin does them no favours...  My over the top tirades that they aren't killing me quick enough, slowly eating at their sanity.  "But... But... This isn't how it is supposed to be in 40k they cry"... My cackling continues as does their hesitation.

A hard fight to win has just become closer, objectives are secured, units are destroyed, as the other army runs away.  Khorne is pleased.  And at the end of it all, should you be tabled, it doesn't matter... Khorne is pleased... He Care'th not for where the blood flows...

And really, at the end of the day, win or lose, the Daemonkin player is always winning.  I love this army, it's fluffy, well rounded and messes with your opponent.  I have been tabled many times but never once have I not been happy at the end of a game.  I really suggest giving it a go, especially with a grin and a red laughter upon your lips...

Let us know in the comments below how you are pleasing your diety of choice when you hit the tables.

Until next time

Blog Layout Updates

Hi Guys amd Gals,

Apologies if there are any funny happenings on the blog over the next day, I will be trying to update layouts and information to make the blog much better for everyone.

Thanks for your understanding.


Hello again Everyone!

It's been a bit of a wait for my return to the blog-o-sphere, unfortunately I found my self lost in the warp (...Europe...) at the whims of the fickle Chaos Gods ( boss...).

So with my time away from family and friends, I found my mind wander to dark and foreboding places.  Places where my darkest desires might cometh to fruition.  And as many as you know the call of Chaos is strong, and many a bright shining exemplar of all that is just a true must fall...

So with all that in mind I have betrayed Great Grandfather Nurgle, (my first foray into the clutches of damnation, was a slightly teenage and sickly affair going on maybe 10years prior to now) and have joined the ranks of Khorne so that my thirst for vengeance and anger may be sated upon my foes!

Nurgle has caused me many a Dark moment of late as I have been stripping so many old models in preparation for the reconsecration to begin (BFTBG!!!!), hands slowly melting smelling of dettol...

But moving on from that what am I actually doing right now? Well come here little ones and let me tell you a story... (wait ignore that last bit...)... I've been bitten with the red paint bug and while practicing painting red with my AoS starter set (stop snickering in the back, you, yes you! I can see you...) I feel I've come up with some good results.  As you may have already seen below depending if I've done it right, you can see the Khorgoraths of Khorne I've been working on.  Though not finished yet I think they are still is coming along nicely.

Now I currently have no gaming experience of KDK but I hope to get some time in soon and let you all know. As a suggestion Blood Reavers from AoS make brilliant cultists of Khorne just be aware if you WYSIWYG they'll be toting hand weapons only unless you're whipping the hobby knife out...

Until next time