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History of the Maynarkh Dynasty

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Today we delve into the History of the Maynarkh Dynasty,  what many consider a return to the unknown eldritch horror that once defined the Necron race before the rise of the named Necron characters, specifically set down in the 3rd edition codex.

Renowned in the deep past of the Necron race, the Maynarkh Dynasty were abhorred and feared for their ruthless nature, particularly in the fight against the old ones during the War in Heaven against the Slann. The Maynarkh Dynasty were at the forefront of the battle against the C'tan at the closing of the War in Heaven when the Star God's were considered at their weakest by the Silent King.  For their part in the breaking of the C'tan and particularly Llandu'gor the Flayer, the Dynasty was cursed by the flesh hunger, with the first flayed ones arising within the ranks of the Maynarkh legions.

For there destructive nature's both in the War in Heaven,  and the the downfall of the C'tan,  many influential dynasties counselled the Silent King to damn the Maynarkh upon entering their stasis crypts, a quiet death for the horrific Dynasty. They had shamed all of the Necron race by they're actions... Yet the Silent King allowed them to endure,  they would be needed in times to come...

In the closing stages of the 41st Millennium the death of the Caracol Binary Star, erupting in a supernova would be the clarion call for the Dynasty to arise from their 60 million year slumber.  The Orphean Sector would soon bear the brunt of the horror of the Necrons. Only the forces of the Death Korps of Krieg,  and the Minotaurs Space Marine Chapter would be able to stand in there way.  Indeed at the end Lord Asterion Moloch would fight against Kutlakh the World Killer aboard the bridge of his Cairn-Class Battleship, and both would be blown out into the deep of space. But the Chapter Master of the Minotaurs has survived worse,  and Necrons are not known to die so easily....

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So I hope you all enjoyed the above and are maybe considering picking up Imperial Armour 12. The book, though out of date is still an amazing piece of background, and the effort put into it really shows. I decided not to go too far in, as its perfectly paced and is a great read and I would suggest it on these alone. Other great things with the book, is that it includes Legendary Battles for you to play as the Necrons attack the Orphean Sector and are just like time of war missions,  perfect for the hobbyist who likes to try their hand at historical battles. I had originally expected these to be designed at Apocalypse scale,  but actually are designed from 1500pt battles up, which was great to see. Also for the narrative and campaign players,  we have the usual campaign system which also looks a lot of fun especially using the legendary missions. It's great to get into the events of the universe, a trend Age of Sigmar is really embracing,  and I hope 40k continues to do the same!

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