Wednesday, 11 January 2017

40k Birthday Bash 2.0 Update: Faction Decision! (...Possibly...) Part 2

Welcomes Back Ladies and Gents to my random waffling on how to amend Imperial Armour 12, specifically in relation to the Necrons of the Maynarkh Dynasty,  for use with the current Necron Codex!

So today we are going first look at the list I am currently using,  the the following articles will look in depth at each section of the Force Org,  and what needs changing if necessary.

The List
1500pts CAD, No Allies, No Lords of War. Total Army Cist:1500pts

Kutlakh the World Killer

X1 Canoptek Tomb Stalker
X5 Charnal Lychguard with flensing scarabs

X5 Maynarkh Immortals with flensing scarabs
X10 Maynarkh Warriors
X10 Maynarkh Warriors

Fast Attack
X2 Heavy Destroyers

Heavy Support
X1 Doom Scythe
X1 Doomsday Ark

The List is quite elite and could be blown off the board by a lot of shooting.  The Maynarkh list really favours aggressive close combat armies, which isn't what you would normally expect from a Necron army! So with that out of the way,  let's start looking at these units,  first off today, the troops!

Maynarkh Warriors
Maynarkh Warriors are comparable to their Codex counterparts in every respect but one: they can take fencing scarabs. I won't be taking them as I do not have the points,  however as a unit they will be grand for tarpit purposes,  and hopefully some occasional tank hunting. The only amendment would be that the unit must use the re-an rule from the main codex.

Maynarkh Immortals
Again another unit which is comparable to its counterpart in the Necron Codex. The differences here is that you can only ever take one unit of Immortals (for fluff reasons) and the unit gains access to flensing scarabs.  I have taken the scarabs here as gaining shred for the first turn of combat should help improve the units killy ability. Again this only happens for the first combat phase not every combat phase. As with the Maynarkh Warriors the only amendment would be that the unit must use the re-an rule from the main codex.

Neither unit has access to any other rules, so not a lot to really reconsider here. Points wise there also is no difference between Imperial Armour 12 and the Necron Codex as it stands.

Otherwise the list can take Flayers as a troop choice, however they are distinctly inferior to their codex counterparts,  not having inherent shred,  less attacks and having to be taken in units of ten. For me I would have considered the Flaybers but I only have 5 so I'm happy to leave them for this time.

Let me know what you all think I the comments,  are these units reasonable? We'll next look at Fast Attack and Heavy Support,  and if there is time possibly the Elites as well,  before finishing up with MacDaddy cray-ray himself kutlakh the world killer!

Until next time


  1. All seems very reasonable to me. I'm not too experienced with Necrons though so couldn't comment on the capability of the list.

    1. Tbh, I've no idea how this list will play either as I've only ever had the opportunity to use the Tomb Stalker as part of a normal Necron army (it died quite quickly), but my next post will elaborate more in the next article. From a comparison perspective the list runs like Necrons, with less of the usual shoot and more focus on hitting stuff in close combat, which will be interesting with I2!

  2. Looks good. Necrons are a damn tough army to play against. Even without the Decurion, they are tough to kill.

    What is the background of the Dynasty? Just wondering how it relates to the rules and choice restrictions?

    1. Basically you could consider them close to the Space Wolves and why they were created, and the role they play in Necron society. They are the only Dynasty known to have killed a C'tan and because of this is why the Flamer curse exists, and as a result they are all going mad and dying out because of the curse, I probably should do a background article on them soon

    2. Also because of the C'tan incident they can never field C'tan of any type in the rules

    3. You kill one little C'tan and suddenly you're marked for life.......

    4. Hahaha 😬 bit unfortunate for the Silent King as its been hinted that the Phaerex of the Maynarkh Dynasty was his piece on the side lol

    5. Literally a case of B*****s be crazy