Monday, 22 August 2016

The Red Laughter; Or how I learned to Love messing with my gaming buddy's brain

Hello again Everyone,

Today I was thinking we should sit down and discuss something a little bit fun, a little bit crazy, and a great psychological poking stick to ram into the ribs your Gaming Buddies.

As we all know from a core perspective, not only table top wargaming, but including; computer games, console games, rpg games, board games (the list goes on and on... and let's not get into all of the real life examples of this concept...) that if you can remove enough dudez you will win by proxy.  A dead obstacles is no obstacle at all.

This mentally has always been around, and to visualise it in the perspective of 40k we cast our minds back to the past and the eponymous Imperial Guard leafblower list. A list purely designed; dependant on personal preference (I remember both infantry and tank varieties of the list) to be durable yet have enough attacks to sweep you're opponent off the board.  Why wait to play a whole game when you can just get it over and done with. This concept has never gone away, and I think never will go away from the hobby.  The power levels of each army change so they become the new hot flavour of the edition to capitalise on this approach.

Now I am not a very competitive player, and I won't tell you how to meta a list to beat these sort of armies (sorry), but what I am going to tell you about is my experiences with the Khorne Daemonkin; The Troll-tastic hunks of beef that will make your opponent think twice when it comes to sweeping you off the board.

As I am sure you are all aware Khorne care'th not from whence the blood flows.  And this is where I have began to start to play this army, from a fluffy mental perspective.  Your Warlord on the board is your avatar; so will you cry as your forces die in droves? Or will you send in the next wave with a gleeful grin upon your face.  Every death, gaining you favour with Khorne, and possibly new minions to fight on your behalf.  And this is where Daemonkin comes into its own.  It is never really a viable option to try to sweep the army, as new units will appear as the blood flows and you gain Khornes' favour.  For your opponent it becomes a game of half measures and risky attacks to avoid killing your units.  And ho' boy he really doesn't want to get stuck in combat, as either he kills you or you kill him.  This is exactly where the Daemonkin want to be.

Khorne Daemonkin is a brilliant fluffy army to play, more so than many other armies in my opinion, everyone can tap into that 80s villain lurking deep inside; a maniacal grin on my face begging my opponent to kill my army.  I've seen my opponents stop in horror, hesitating to drop the final blow, killing Khorne Daemonkin does them no favours...  My over the top tirades that they aren't killing me quick enough, slowly eating at their sanity.  "But... But... This isn't how it is supposed to be in 40k they cry"... My cackling continues as does their hesitation.

A hard fight to win has just become closer, objectives are secured, units are destroyed, as the other army runs away.  Khorne is pleased.  And at the end of it all, should you be tabled, it doesn't matter... Khorne is pleased... He Care'th not for where the blood flows...

And really, at the end of the day, win or lose, the Daemonkin player is always winning.  I love this army, it's fluffy, well rounded and messes with your opponent.  I have been tabled many times but never once have I not been happy at the end of a game.  I really suggest giving it a go, especially with a grin and a red laughter upon your lips...

Let us know in the comments below how you are pleasing your diety of choice when you hit the tables.

Until next time

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