Friday, 26 August 2016

Imperial Knights Renegade: Rote of Damnation - A WIP

Hi Everyone!

Quick one today as I will be getting ready to disappear off on my holidays soon! There will be a bit of a post drought while I'm away but, hopefully I should be able to get some further articles scripted up in my downtime while I'm away.  I definitely want to have a think about all the rumours coming through about Primarchs returning to the 41st Millennium, what might this mean for the setting and what it means from a gaming standpoint.

Anyways, I've had a few hours to crack on with the second Renegade Knight that came with the Imperial Knights Renegade box set and you can see below where I have managed to get to so far.

As I mentioned in the previous Renegade article with Litany of Destruction this is his new buddy Rote of Damnation!  As you can see Rote has been very easily converted to include spikes from his pauldrons.  This was unashamedly stolen from a conversion article online (think it may have been Bolter and Chainsword, but I forget right now).  If you want to try the same just clip some of the minarets off from the sanctum imperialis set and glue to the pauldrons, when I completed this they sat very flush without any extra unnecessary cutting, but just be aware to check before sticking them in place.

I have been trying to keep the use of colours similar to keep them thematically tied, but with a slightly different twist, with Rote being a Renegade Mechanicus Knight.  I'm not too sure yet about the use of orange as an extra spot colour as I have used with Litany, so let me know what you think in the comments.

And finally both Litany of Destruction and Rote of Damnation side by side ready to take the pain to the filthy loyalists! I'll update once they are both finally, finally finished 😝.

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  1. Not wishing to put a dampener on things, but just to give you a heads up - there's a rumour that the Renegade KNights box set is not goin gto be available soon any more, and there's new rules for them in the Traitor's Hate campaign coming out Sat 10th September. I get the impression these will be with pre-set weapons, (Warden etc.) so my dual autocannon thingies won't be allowed :(
    According to the faq, older rules still count as valid, so arguably not really an issue, but I thought it worth making you aware...

    1. Hi Mallory, been a while. Cheers for letting me know. Though I've yet to pick up traitors hate, I hear that there is the possibility of the rules not changing from the box set.

      If I get a chance to pick up the book sometime soon I'll try and get some random wafflings scribbled up for it 👍