Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Imperial Knights Renegade: Litany of Destruction

Mornings people of the world!!!

It's been a while since I posted up some of the models I've been working on, so I'll kick it off with a biggie but a goodie.

The Renegade Knight himself, Litany of Destruction!!!

I was lucky enough to get a hold of one of these amazing box sets for my birthday earlier this summer and have been working on getting Litany painted up to not just table ready, but to really put my all into him and make him, one of the best, if not 'the' best model I've ever managed to paint.

How he is looking for me at the minute.

How he looks by Games Workshop...

Obviously I've not quite got to the same level as Games Workshop, the poses is different (if only to fit in frame) and the lighting is a bit dodgy, I feel like he is looking amazing, amd I'm really happy how he is currently looking.

I've some more bits to tidy up and a decal to replace (accidentally rubbed it off after application) and he should be completely done.  Yes you heard that right! A hobbyist saying a model is done! 😝

Now I've not seen many reviews of the actual game that comes with the box set, but I have played and have found it a fun and interesting aside to playing with these models mainstream.  My usual gaming buddy Ian from over at the krakaddict.blogspot.co.uk have given it a whirl and maybe we can look at writing up a bit of a battle report and critique soon. Also I highly suggest popping by the Ian's blog to check out what is going on... Scenery is the name of the game right now! But he also has some very good articles on his tournament lists for Double Trouble run by Alex over at fromthefang.blogspot.co.uk another great guy amd great hobby blog!

I've also built the second knight as another Renegade dubbed Rote of Damnation, I'll post up with his progress as it becomes a bit more respectable.

For now I'll finish with some close up images I've cropped up for you all to see, any C&C's are welcome, just drop it in the comments!

Until next time


  1. Wicked awesome job on the knight Jonathan! He looks fantastic!

    1. Cheers Greg 👊 really put a lot of effort into him, such and amazing model to paint. He didn't mention it but he's not magnetised and was painted after building 👍

    2. It looks like it! Be proud!

    3. Cheers 👍 and thanks for commenting, feels good to have someone join in my madness 😀

  2. Hey man! Any chance you’d share how you did this gold? I can’t quite manage to match the Gw one!