Monday, 22 August 2016


Hello again Everyone!

It's been a bit of a wait for my return to the blog-o-sphere, unfortunately I found my self lost in the warp (...Europe...) at the whims of the fickle Chaos Gods ( boss...).

So with my time away from family and friends, I found my mind wander to dark and foreboding places.  Places where my darkest desires might cometh to fruition.  And as many as you know the call of Chaos is strong, and many a bright shining exemplar of all that is just a true must fall...

So with all that in mind I have betrayed Great Grandfather Nurgle, (my first foray into the clutches of damnation, was a slightly teenage and sickly affair going on maybe 10years prior to now) and have joined the ranks of Khorne so that my thirst for vengeance and anger may be sated upon my foes!

Nurgle has caused me many a Dark moment of late as I have been stripping so many old models in preparation for the reconsecration to begin (BFTBG!!!!), hands slowly melting smelling of dettol...

But moving on from that what am I actually doing right now? Well come here little ones and let me tell you a story... (wait ignore that last bit...)... I've been bitten with the red paint bug and while practicing painting red with my AoS starter set (stop snickering in the back, you, yes you! I can see you...) I feel I've come up with some good results.  As you may have already seen below depending if I've done it right, you can see the Khorgoraths of Khorne I've been working on.  Though not finished yet I think they are still is coming along nicely.

Now I currently have no gaming experience of KDK but I hope to get some time in soon and let you all know. As a suggestion Blood Reavers from AoS make brilliant cultists of Khorne just be aware if you WYSIWYG they'll be toting hand weapons only unless you're whipping the hobby knife out...

Until next time

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