Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Everyman and His Beard: A Return of Monthly White Dwarf

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As I am sure you are all aware, the return of Monthly White Dwarf is due to hit the shelves of Games Workshop, or your local tender, be it FLGS, hobby store, or even from the bowels of the interwebz and GWs online webstore.  I think we can all agree that excitement is running high on this one. From the veterans of yonder year who still have shelves bowing under the weight of older editions back in the day, to our new bloods who never had a chance to hold the original beast in their hands.

Yes I picked the sisters for the retro cover... Bring back Sisters of Battle... With new models dammit!!!!

What does it mean for us as hobbyists? Will it even truly change any of our hobby attitudes or habits?  No one can know until we get a few months in our hands and see what the team have for us in store.

Personally, I think it's a good move on Games Workshops part.  The weekly magazine, though not always having amazing content, occasionally, a gem would shine through here and there, but I personally never purchased it religiously. Not like when it was a monthly back in the day.

But will it definitely be the same as it once was?  We all know battle reports are coming back; and not that they were masterful insights into playing, they were definitely a good read.  Especially when we got a bit of narrative to go with the games. For me, I want to see more hobby content, more advice on painting, spotlights on private as well as GW sponsored events, store spotlights on who the regulars are, who they play and what systems would be great, help on building your own personal narratives; and one definite thing... More even page counts for each game.  Not everyone plays 40k and AoS... On that point, more expansions on the new box set games like deathwatch overkill, Imperial Knights Renegade, kill team, and hopefully we won't still be waiting for it too much longer: Blood Bowl!!!! WOOOO!!!! BLOOD BOWL!!!! (I'm not biased really....).

What are you hoping for? Have I missed anything? Are you completely meh about the whole situation, let me know in the comments.

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