Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Age of Sigmar: Evolution of a Setting and the hope of Global Campaigns

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well today? Today we hop into the world of Global Campaigns, and my experiences (or lack thereof) of them.

Games workshop has brought an end to the Age of Sigmar Season of War Campaign.
Games workshop once a long time ago was quite happy to run this format of play,
with a focus on our battles affecting the overall story and setting of the hobby
games that we play.  I remember the feeling of being distraught that the last campaign that was
run for 40k way back in 4th Edition (The Fall of Medusa V), I couldn't take part in.

Now this was less to do with the fact that I hadn't been in the hobby for long enough to
construct a viable army; it was however impacted by the fact of where I used to live...

(Starts to play the Flash back harp tune...)

Now I haven't had a chance to fully script up an about me page yet (this will follow soon for
those that would like to know...), but as a youngling I grew up in Northern Ireland, and without
many friends, access to the internet, or a hobby store; let alone a Games Workshop was nearby.

The only stockist for Games Workshop models was the local department store, and you had to order
items direct from the in store catalogue (who remembers the good ole GW catalogue?).  So as a
young fresh faced tyrant (Chaos all the way ba-bay!!!)  I came across the Fall of Medusa V in
White Dwarf.  It blew my world away...  Here was a chance to have my games truly matter in the
way that they should have in my mind.  No more games where it was just me versus my dad or brother
who begrudgingly helped keep my hobby alive in those dark times.  The thing was...  The closest
place to play in the campaign was in Belfast, which was too far away for me to play.  I had seen
the sweet tasting fruit of true storyline impactful play...  And I couldn’t take part.  Years went
by with hope I scanned the pages of white dwarf waiting for the next global campaign to begin. 
It was too good a thing to repeat I kept telling myself.  But a lie to oneself is still a lie...

Now I remember that with Warhammer Fantasy (I hadn’t started any fantasy armies yet) had the Storm
of Magic campaign, and however not taking part, my hope had been kindled anew.  40k was bound to
get a campaign soon...  And the waiting began anew...  And it didn't happen once more. 

Time past, and my hobby enthusiasm for 40k had dwindled, I needed a new challenge, and so I began
to get a Warhammer Fantasy army (Dark Elves for the win!!!) which was coincidentally chosen by my
now fiancée.  The End times began and all was good, it wasn’t a global campaign but it was fun.
And with a bang the Fantasy world ended but hope bloomed anew for the fantasy range of models.
Many gnashing of teeth was had over the Age of Sigmar, but as always a lover of the models I was
drawn in.

And finally my faith had paid off!!! Age of Sigmar kicked off the latest Global Campaign and my
Khorne Bloodbound were ready to take the fight to the scions of order, destruction and death!
My tyrannical megalomania would have a global backdrop.  My battles would have a meaning.
And yet,  I was only able to get in one game during the whole campaign.  Illness had decided that
this time I could not represent for my side as much as I could.  All I could do was paint my models
and hope that I could help chaos take at least one of the cities to be claimed.

But I am not delusional,  I think everyone expected Order to carry the day.  Maybe not as much as they
did, but I'm sure everyone expected a big turnout for the Good Guys especially after the last world
was destroyed by Chaos (it was a good day 🙌 ).

And so with barely a foot in the water of Global Campaign play I think to myself, was it all worth it?
Would I take part in another Global Campaign?  The answer is a definite yes!

Not matter how you feel about Games Workshop or the Age of Sigmar, I think we can all agree that
Narrative campaigns that affect our hobby worlds are a good thing.  Having a chance to affect things
can bring real meaning to a hobby, knowing that your battles aren't just random happenings in a vacuum.
I definitely want Games Workshop to continue with the Global Campaigns for Age of Sigmar, and definitely
want them to bring it over to 40k as well.  There is a new found drive on my part to finish more
armies for Age of Sigmar and 40k, hoping for more of this format of play.  I can’t wait to see what the story
implications of the campaign have on the setting, and it will be a massively missed opportunity if it isn’t taken
to its final conclusion.

Let's just hope that the wait isn’t as long as last time.

Let me know in the comments whether you took part in the Season of War, who did you play and why?
What do you think of the results and would you play again, for Age of Sigmar and 40K.

Until next time

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