Monday, 14 November 2016

Narrative Battle Report: Slaughter at Yrlan's Rest Part 1

Hi everyone,

So I thought I'd try and start some narrative battle reports for the blog. . This will follow in 3 parts,  an intro for each army and the battle report itself. . Hope you enjoy.

*  *  *

Smoke and dust drifted lazily on the wind, aimlessly floating through the winding alleyways of the Manufactorum District. The morning suns were breaking upon the horizon,  rays of light splitting iridescently through the the tumbling particles in the air.

It could almost be serene. But it was not quiet.  Muffled moans and screams could almost be heard floating in the background,  as the unmanned machines continued to clank and churn from the shells of broken buildings.

Pain throbbed in the air. Garak Gorebiter lifted the commissar off his feet,  eye to eye with the Khorne Lord.  Hot putrid breath steamed out from the base of the Lords helmet.  The last thing the commissar saw was the helmet split vertically into a horrendous maw as it clamped onto this head. With one swift yank, Garak ripped the commissar's skull out of his skin, the white bone glistening as it cracked. Garak strode imperiously to the nearby shrine,  lifting his latest victim overhead to pour the hot viscera over the shattered emblem of the false imperium.

Reality buckled.  Sickening light poured from the floor tearing up the side of the shrine.  First to appear was the great cavalry of the Blood God, roaring past Garak. They did not stop. Splitting wider and wider a Mighty Skull Cannon of Khorne raced into the material realm,  but it was not the last to follow.  Tearing as high as the Manufactorums rising all around a God of War tore itself from the warp. Khorne had indeed blessed Garak as first pulling itself from the tear in reality came Rote of Damnation, and finally Litany of Destruction!  With a mighty blare of their War Horns the Renegade Knights strode to war upon the surface of Yrlan's Rest...

*  *  *

Part 2 arrives tomorrow,  who will the Daemonkin face...?

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