Wednesday 16 August 2017

Fighting back from the brink

Hi Everyone!

Long time no rant at. It's been a tough couple of months since my last post, and oh boy did things change! I shan't go into the specifics of why things have been tough, but I will say, keep your friends close when you're feeling down, you may not talk about what is wrong, but it's good to have those who care about you close by. Even if it's just to talk smack about your army or give you encouragement on how your painting is coming along. And if you do need to talk, they will and should be there for you.

So! What has been going on with me you ask? Well, funnily enough I've been painting; painting a long lost friend from the hazy days back in time when I first started in the hobby... The Return of the Death Guard!!! The Slimy Doom!!! The Fecund Fellowship of the Flu!!! (OK... I'll stop! I'll stop!...).

Having nabbed the Death Guard half of the Dark Imperium box, I felt it was a good time to rebuild my forces of the sons of Mortarion. I won't be talking about the Primaris half of the box as I've only seen the pictures and not the models, but I definitely think the Death Guard won in the aesthetic department, solely on the fact the lanky space marines just looked bland next to their Heretic counterparts.

I will caveat the above with the fact that the Lord of Contagion model (which is slowly growing on me now I've started painting him) is probably the least appropriately posed. The Lord has a strange sideways pose the makes him look quite thin, but we'll discuss that more in a future post.

So, finally after skirting the main thrust of this piece of rambling, we should get it on to what I am doing. Which is not actually what I am doing... Because it's already done. (I'm out of practice with this so you'll have to bear with me 😜).

The Noxious Blightbringer!!!


This is actually probably my favourite model in the whole of the set, and strangely enough has another wierd pose... Almost like he's leaning back after blowing something up with shocks at how much damage his plasma pistol has done... I guess the overcharged shot worked haha. I also have only 1 photo in decent lighting and only at one angle, all being well I cam get some better images at a future date.... Really need that decent camera...

The model is based in Zandri Dust, and washed with Coelia Greenshade, before dry brushing a light dusting of Zandri after drying. Finished with a very very very light edge drying brush with Flayed one flesh. Tarted up with the standard paints for bronze trim and he's pretty much done.

If you have any questions on other paints used drop me a comment below, and I'll be happy to answer.

And as always C&C are always welcome!

Now back to the painting table... Those poxwalkers aren't going to paint themselves...



  1. Welcome back! Great work on the Blightbringer, looking forward to seeing how the rest come along.

    1. Hey Mike, hope you're doing well, should have some more stuff up in a few days, looking at more of a Nurgle force as opposed to just death guard. Hoping to take it to Alex's "new-not-actually-blogwars" in Nov

  2. Just remember that your blog is a hobby dairy for you foremost aND then anyone you want to share it with second. Keep up the great work.

    1. Hi HP thanks for the kind words, I definitely want to get back to blogging more, and it does fill me with a good bit of pride seeing how it has developed, and getting comments like yours really help too 👍

  3. Sorry to hear you've been in a bit of a rough patch - the plague dude looks fantastic though!

    1. Cheers Nick 👍 hopefully have some more stuff up soon, I'm currently working on probably my favourite model from the last global campaign Nurgle had a good showing in 😁

  4. It's good to have you back. :-)
    Looking forward to seeing more from the rotten Heretics.
    Let us know how they do on the table as well, once you get a game in or two.


    1. Sup Henni, good to be back, there will be plenty of Heretics soon! And thanks for Ezekiel got him off Ian not too long ago, just got to strip him find a suitable back pack and 32mm base then he'll be on the painting table too!